SYGNAL Partners | Quant Infinity


Quant Infinity specializes in the research and development of quantitative strategies for asset management. Based in Switzerland, Quant Infinity brings the world of artificial intelligence and big data to institutional investors.

Why we work with Quant Infinity

Quant Infinity Solutions AG is one of Switzerland's most advanced quantitative trading firms, with 50 employees, including 25 quants: some of the sharpest minds in financial data science.

Much like SYGNAL, Quant Infinity's mission is to democratise access to technologically advanced investment strategies, seeking to bypass sophisticated investment products, and offering low barrier to entry, highly competitive algorithmic trading software.

We work closely with Quant Infinity in our mission to make quantitative finance more transparent and trustworthy by providing our blockchain-based auditing services to Quant Infinity's ARTY robo advisory service. By working with SYGNAL, Quant Infinity proves that their models are trustworthy, and that their trackrecords are reliable and accurate.

Benefits of Quant Infinity

  • Automated trade execution: create and trade your portfolio at the bank or broker of your choice in a very simple and cost efficient manner.
  • Access the world of artificial intelligence and big data, which has been until now closely reserved for hedge funds and large institutional investors.
  • Design and personalize your investment strategy.
  • Customized strategies using algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning for institutional investors.

ART fund investments

Quant Infinity's Adjusted Risk Technologyā€¯ (ART) is now available, in the form of an investable fund, on the NorthRock Alternative Fund Platform.

Main characteristics:

  • Investment and Portfolio Management regulated and approved by the FCA.
  • Independent operational oversight service providers.
  • One time streamlined onboarding process.
  • KPMG audited.
  • Historically low correlation with major industry benchmarks for over 10 years.
  • +80 diversified futures contracts, traded by +8000 individual algorithms.
  • +1,8% management & platform fee, +20% performance fee (High-Water Mark).