SYGNAL Partners | arty


arty is a low cost, AI Robo-Advisory service offering unbiased quantitative advice, customized risk/return profiles, and access to a universe of diversified ETF’s. Managed by one of the most advanced experienced quant teams in the world, arty is committed to transparency, affordability, and simplicity.

Why we work with arty

arty is owned and operated by Quant Infinity Solutions AG, one of Switzerland's most advanced quantitative trading firms. Quant Infinity employs some of the sharpest minds in financial data science, offering unbiased, consistent, and state-of-the-art quantitative modeling.

As SYGNAL's vision is to enable investors to trade with systematic discipline, and not the hype, arty is closely aligned to this core belief. Furthermore, arty is fully committed to transparency and accessibility of information, using SYGNAL's auditing tools to provide end-investors with an immutable, blockchain-based track record for the enitre arty portfolio.

You can view the audited track-records for all of arty's models here.

Benefits of using arty

  • Unbiased quantitative advice
  • Customized risk/return profile
  • Access to a universe of diversified ETF’s
  • Partnerships with leading brokers for trade execution
  • Monthly position rebalancing instructions