SYGNAL Partners | Building a more transparent world for quatitative trading

Since its inception in January 2020, SYGNAL holds a commitment to developing partnerships with financial and quantitative firms that share a common vision: devotion to transparent and unbiased information, aimed at benefiting the end-investor.


HAL by CoinShares | Trusted Parter SYGNAL
HAL by CoinShares

HAL is a trading bot platform for cryptocurrencies that provides automated execution on major platforms such as FTX, Binance, Kraken and Bitfinex. Unlike most bot platforms, professional quants designed and built HAL, making it one of the only services offering both bots and trading strategies designed by professionals. On top of that, CoinShares, the largest crypto assets manager in Europe, is the fund behind this project.

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Quant Infinity | Trusted Parter SYGNAL
Quant Infinity

Quant Infinity Solutions AG is an award-winning Swiss-based quantitative trading firm (Top AI-100 FinTech Award 2021 & 2022) that specializes in the research and development of quantitative investment strategies for banks, investment platforms, funds, and asset management companies.

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ARTY | Trusted Parter SYGNAL

ARTY is a low cost, AI Robo-Advisory service offering unbiased quantitative advice, customized risk/return profiles, and access to a universe of diversified ETF’s. Managed by one of the most advanced experienced quant teams in the world, ARTY is committed to transparency, affordability, and simplicity.

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Upsurge | Trusted Parter SYGNAL

Upsurge is an innovative mobile application designed to help individual investors gain the insights and information about stock markets in order to make smarter, more informed investments. The app provides an easy overview of markets, daily forecasts based upon technical, quantitative and social data, with tools to help users research and understand their investments.