Perennial Surge is a sophisticated hybrid trading strategy that balances consistent long-term cryptocurrency holdings with dynamic, opportunistic trading. Designed to thrive in both rising and falling markets, it employs precise, hourly adjustments to capture growth and protect investments, ensuring resilient performance across market cycles.

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Trend following, Mean-reversion
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Crypto Spot
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*Hypothetical backtests January 2020 to April 2024


Perennial Surge from SYGNAL is a sophisticated trading strategy that combines steady long-term holdings with tactical opportunistic trades. The strategy is designed to be active in the market continuously, holding significant positions in major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Litecoin (LTC). It capitalizes on market trends and corrections through a dynamic blend of position trading and mean reversion tactics.

In fluctuating or bear markets, Perennial Surge adjusts its strategy dynamically, increasing its holdings in stable cryptocurrencies to protect the portfolio and capture potential upswings efficiently.

Objective and Methodology

Perennial Surge employs a dual-strategy approach:

  • Position Trading: Maintains long positions in high-liquidity cryptocurrencies, aligning with broader market trends to secure ongoing exposure and growth.
  • Opportunistic Trading: Actively seeks out and invests in undervalued assets post-downturns, anticipating quick rebounds for rapid gains.

This strategy benefits from hourly rebalancing, which fine-tunes the allocation between long-term positions and short-term opportunistic trades based on real-time market analysis. This frequent adjustment ensures the strategy is consistently positioned for optimal performance.


Perennial Surge is particularly noted for its robust performance in diverse market conditions. It excels during bull markets by leveraging growth trends and protects and grows capital during bear markets through smart diversification and mean reversion. The strategy's success is underpinned by its methodical risk management, ensuring drawdowns are minimized and returns are maximized. Its historical performance boasts an impressive track record, demonstrating its ability to deliver substantial returns while maintaining a controlled risk profile.

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