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SYGNAL empowers crypto bots with unparalleled quantitative strategies, shapping the way crypto markets are navigated. Automate your crypto trading via leading platforms to gain a strategic edge.

SYGNAL's Expertise in Action

Explore the platforms where our advanced quantitative strategies and intelligence are elevating the crypto bot experience.


Zignaly is a trusted crypto trading platform that offers copy trading and profit-sharing services, connecting users with expert traders' strategies for automated cryptocurrency trading.

Learn more is an innovative, mobile-based platform that simplifies automated crypto trading, offering users access to a wide range of bots designed for various trading strategies and market conditions.

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OKX provides an advanced, user-friendly copy trading solution, enabling both novice and experienced traders to follow SYGNAL's trading strategies on one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Anny is a smart crypto investment platform offering bot strategies, professional trading insights, and features for sustainable gains with a focus on risk management and analytics.

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Blockchain Verified: Why You Can Trust SYGNAL

Verified Trust: Our Signals on the Ethereum Blockchain

In an era where transparency and reliability stand paramount, SYGNAL advances the frontier of trust in cryptocurrency trading with our Ethereum blockchain-verified signals. Each strategy we deploy undergoes rigorous auditing to ensure not just performance but unparalleled integrity and security.

Immutable Verification, Unquestionable Integrity

Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain's immutable nature, we embed a layer of accountability into our services. Our signals are recorded on the blockchain, offering an open ledger of performance history that stands resistant to tampering or revision. This process not only showcases our commitment to transparency but also provides our users with a verifiable track record to base their trust upon.

Empowerment Through Blockchain

By integrating blockchain technology into our signal verification process, we empower traders with the confidence that comes from auditable, transparent data. This pioneering approach underlines our dedication to innovation and trust in the digital age, setting a new standard for accountability in crypto trading strategies.

Join us in embracing a future where trading signals are not just advanced and strategic but also anchored in the bedrock of blockchain verifiability. With SYGNAL, you're not just trading on insight; you're trading on integrity.


Our signals ("the Signals") are based on mathematical or statistical models, which academics and practitioners use in the context of financial markets. For instance, they give an indication for a certain trend, a relative valuation or a price pattern. Our Signals are typically sourced from leading practitioners like professional quantitative research firms. Before accepting a Signal to the platform, we analyse the quality and characteristics of the historic signal time series and assess the quality of the person, team or firm supplying the Signals. Despite our best efforts, we can give no guarantee as to the future quality of the Signals and the providers of the Signals (Signal Managers). Signals, which might have been value adding in the past, might not be value adding in the future, due to a changing market structure, changing market inefficiencies, changes in the model methodology and many other reasons.

A Signal must therefore NEVER be used as the sole input or trigger for a trading decision. It can only be regarded as one of many input factors in making your own investment decision.

You should therefore treat a Signal similar to Price / Earnings information of a stock: It can be a helpful information to evaluate the attractiveness of a stock or another financial instrument, but it is only one piece of information. You will need additional information before you can make a sound investment decision.

SYGNAL therefore excludes all liability related to the Signals or any other services provided by us or any related party. Any use of the Signals, in whatever context or way, will be at your sole responsibility and YOUR COMPLETE OWN RISK.

You must fully understand and accept these terms before using our services.


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