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We source 100% of our signals from hedge funds, professional data scientists, and quantitative research teams. Signals are provided on highly liquid markets and are not supposed to front-run investors in any way.

Professional quants only

Actively managing or advising funds

Reliable track records

Active quants

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Manager AUM / AUA Asset classes Model types Main office
BISF 10 Stocks Alternative Data Switzerland
FIN 10 Stocks Flow-based Germany
FIT 50 Forex
Trend following
Mean reversion
KDR 10 Crypto Sentiment Germany
RED 1500 Stocks
Trend following
RTA 50 Stocks Trend-following
Mean reversion
Quant rated
SYG 10 Stocks
Recombined Switzerland
TREE 1500 Stocks
Trend-following USA
VNA 60 Crypto
Trend-following Austria

Why quants and hedge funds send data to SYGNAL

Alternative sales channel that does not cannibalize existing sales or performance

Diversifies business at a low cost, without having to create specific data for us

Better monetization of existing assets

Revenue split of all data monetized on the SYGNAL platform

For quant managers

We provide a robust, yet simple API which you can quickly set-up, automate and use to monetize your signal data. If you would like to send signals to the sygnal.ai platform, reach out to us here. We look forward to meeting you!

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