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SYGNAL offers multiple products and services for institutional and independent traders, all based upon our core service of aggregating quantitative data from world-class hedge funds and data scientists:

Trading Signals


Access state of the art trading signals for over 10,000 liquid instruments, all sourced from professional quant teams

Blockchain Auditing


Use SYGNAL to establish an immutable, blockchain-based audit trail for your fund's trades or quant strategies, for a fraction of the cost of the big four

Crypto Bots


Automate your crypto trades or strategies through our partnerships with legitimate crypto trading bot services and platforms

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quantitative signals

Trading signals

SYGNAL provides professionally-sourced, quantitative trading strategies for over 10,000 liquid assets. Signals are available via our website or API connection and can be applied by traders to capture upside, reduce drawdowns, and add discipline when trading.

Traders can subscribe to predefined signal packages for a monthly or yearly fee, or we can build a custom package based on your portfolio and trading requirements.

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Quant data sourcing

We help funds, institutions, and asset managers source quantitative data from professional third parties. Sourcing can include existing models with a live track record or custom models catered to your requirements. We can help you source data best suited to your needs through our network of established hedge funds and data scientists.

Examples include alternative data sources such as patent and sentiment data or traditional quantitative models such as global macro, volatility, mean-reversion, etc. We perform due diligence on all data sources and providers and will allow you to work with them directly.

Please contact us via email to learn more.

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Quantitative recombination

Quantitative recombination consists of taking two or more, often uncorrelated, quant models and recombining them to create a new strategy better suited to your goals. For example, recombining volatility models applied to the VIX with long-term trend-following models overlayed to futures can result in a faster drawdown reduction before a downturn can be identified in the long-term trend.

Through our parent company, Sanostro, we offer expertise in this field and access to our exclusive network of hedge funds and data providers.

Blockchain Verified | SYGNAL Auditing Services

blockchain verified

Quantitative model auditing

We prove that quantitative models are accurate and trustworthy. In 2021 SYGNAL launched its proprietary quantitative auditing service on the Ethereum blockchain. The system establishes an immutable and verifiable track record of a fund's R&D, historical performance, and proof of intelligence.

For investors, the audits can help prove whether a fund engages in front-running or is curve fitting historical data to show returns that it may or may not have made.

Funds use our services to build trust with investors, improve sales lead times and drastically reduce auditing costs. Costs begin at USD 1000 per strategy per year.

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Trade auditing

Due to popular demand, several Funds using the quant auditing service have requested that we extend the system to cover the actual trades made by the fund.

The service will allow authenticated end-users to verify all positions taken by the fund and independently retro-calculate performance while allowing the fund to be more transparent via a trusted 3rd-party and further reduce auditing costs.

The system will be available sometime during the summer of 2022.

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crypto-bot integrations

Automated bot trading

Markets change quickly. Cryptocurrencies even more so. Bots allow traders to maintain an edge even while they sleep.

SYGNAL partners with legitimate bot services and platforms allowing traders to automate their crypto trades using our signals.