SYGNAL Partners | Napoleon Circle


Napoleon Circle offers privileged access to cutting-edge crypto trading strategies and is exclusively for qualified or assimilated professional investors.

Why we work with Napoleon Circle

Part of the Napoleon Group, a pioneer in crypto asset investments since 2017, Napoleon Circle is one of the leading quantitative platforms for professional investors in the cryptocurrency space. The team consists of experienced professionals from the legacy financial markets, as well as blockchain experts, computer and data scientists.

Napoleon Circle offers an extensive library of investment strategies to cover a wide range of trading styles, portfolio turnover and trading pairs. These uncorrelated “investment bricks” are mixed with each other to achieve maximum diversification. The optimization of the allocation process can be achieved via proprietary AI models and multiple risk management tools.

SYGNAL sends strategies to Napoleon Circle, which are combined with the group's in-house strategies for greater diversification.

Benefits of using Napoleon Circle

Diversified portfolios (specific allocation of uncorrelated strategies across multiple trading pairs):

  • Multiple portfolio types: Conservative (low volatility, MaxDD target of 15%), Balanced (moderate volatility, MaxDD target of 20-25%) and Dynamic (reduced volatility, MaxDD target of 30%)
  • Portfolios are available in the form of SMAs (separately managed accounts).
  • Investors can trade on the exchange of their choice (FTX, Binance, Bitmex, Bitfinex).
  • Automated strategy execution.
  • No lockup period.
  • No management fees.
  • 25% Monthly Performance Fee, with HWM.
  • Minimum Investment is 100K EUR.